SO LASHES provides wide range of eyelash extensions products in various lengths and curls.Each lash is lined up in a tray for easy picking and application, curls are all unified and tapered to perfection.

1. Styles: Real Mink Fur lash extension

2. Material: Siberian Mink Fur

3. Package: 6 rows, 12 rows, 16 rows, 18 rows, 20 rows. As your require. OEM/ODM service available.

4. Curls: J,B,C,D

5. Lengths: 7-17mm

6. Thickness: The Mink fur own thickness

7. Delivery time: 2-3 weeks after payment depend on order quantity.

Please Note: Curls & size will vary depending on brand and manufacture. Each manufacture has their own curl chart and sizing standard that they follow. Alternatively, we could produce lashes according to your curl chart and sizing standard.

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Real Mink Fur lash extension